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Snapseed 2.0 Takes Top Place Again

Google finally updated the previously long in the tooth Snapseed. To say this was a major update is an understatement. 

The user interface still is much easier for newbies to understand than other similar apps out there. My latest love previous to this, Enlight, is not quite as easy to figure out. However, unlike the last version of Snapseed it's not quite as obvious how to navigate your way to all the features. To be fair it does seem that the more powerful the program (Photoshop for example) the larger the learning curve. I've now spent some serious time working with it and it's become my go to app again, largely because it's quick and easy to get in, get the work done and move on.

The most powerful addition to this version is the non-destructive editing with masking ability. At any point in time you can go back to an image that you've edited and revert to the original image OR you can make adjustments to the edits you've already made. That alone is mind blowing! You also have the ability save different versions of your edits as a copy with all of the edits as well. 

For me the biggest drawback is that you cannot zoom in very far. It's a step up from not being able to zoom in, but most of the apps that compete with this zoom into pixel depth. The zoom interface is also a bit clunky. That said, it really is the best and most powerful free app that I've used. 

This is just a quick overview for you. I suggest you have a look for yourself!