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Awesome New App! Move Over Snapseed!

If you know me, you know that I currently have over 200 photography related apps on my phone. I get new ones and play with them all the time. But I haven't been this excited about a new app in a couple of years. Enlighten by Lightricks has a beautifully easy to follow along interface with fantastic tutorials built in. It also has a number of things that I adore about 4 separate apps all built into the same one. Granted I've only spent the last half hour playing with it, but I know this is going to be my new go to for a while.

There are powerful editing tools so that you can make the image completely your own without anyone saying "Looks like that was done with Instagram." It also has the one thing I love about Snapped so much, quick and easy targeted editing. BUT! This has a masking feature which makes it even better. There are painting functions bringing in things I love about Repix along with the standard preset filters available in so many apps now. But with both of these you can make them what you want and mask. To be perfectly clear though, there are still some other apps that I will go to for the heavy duty use still if I need it. But I don't know how much that need will be there now. 

As I understand it the app may be going up in price after it's initial offering, so be sure to catch it now while you can at $3.99. Snapped is still free, which is amazing, and for most will be more than they want to do. It's us serious editors that will truly find the functionality in the all in one app too good to stay away from.

Get the app here

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