sharing my love of iphone photography

an oldie but a goodie

One of my favorites when I first got my iPhone (sadly I didn't get on the band wagon until the 4) was PictureShow. It's an app that does the lo-fi thing. It saved at full-res, which Hipstamatic didn't and I had more control over the images as well. So it became a go to for quite a while. It's since fallen to the back of the line as I keep finding new and fun apps. And quite frankly while I'll admit that it's a cool look, the lo-fi thing doesn't need to be done to every image. (Instagramers take head!) But when I hop back into it, I enjoy the looks that it offers as well as the flexibility to edit as well. And it's just plain fun sometimes to play with the shuffle feature. It's a fun one, try it out! It's $1.99 in the App Store HERE.