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popsicolor 2.0 YAY!

Popsicolor is unique and beautiful. As far as I know there's really nothing out there like it. I love this app and use it when I can. But since it's a one trick pony you can only get away with it so often. Regardless, I still use it occasionally. But with this update, I've been playing more.

Finally the app is full-res! WOO HOO!!!! (I honestly don't know why all apps aren't full-res.....) It has some nice options that allow you to do a lot more with your image than in the previous version. There are blending lots options (not the Photoshop kind) and you can add ink, which is a nice touch once in a while. 

Images that come out of Popsicolor have a lovely watercolor feel to them. In the last version sometimes the images just didn't work. Regardless, I would save some things that didn't excite me and use them to layer with other images in Superimpose or Blender for some incredible artsy effects. But now there are so many options!

I would say images that have more contrast and a more simple subject work best. But play and see what you get! At $1.99 it's well worth picking up.