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Snapseed 2.0 Takes Top Place Again

Google finally updated the previously long in the tooth Snapseed. To say this was a major update is an understatement. 

The user interface still is much easier for newbies to understand than other similar apps out there. My latest love previous to this, Enlight, is not quite as easy to figure out. However, unlike the last version of Snapseed it's not quite as obvious how to navigate your way to all the features. To be fair it does seem that the more powerful the program (Photoshop for example) the larger the learning curve. I've now spent some serious time working with it and it's become my go to app again, largely because it's quick and easy to get in, get the work done and move on.

The most powerful addition to this version is the non-destructive editing with masking ability. At any point in time you can go back to an image that you've edited and revert to the original image OR you can make adjustments to the edits you've already made. That alone is mind blowing! You also have the ability save different versions of your edits as a copy with all of the edits as well. 

For me the biggest drawback is that you cannot zoom in very far. It's a step up from not being able to zoom in, but most of the apps that compete with this zoom into pixel depth. The zoom interface is also a bit clunky. That said, it really is the best and most powerful free app that I've used. 

This is just a quick overview for you. I suggest you have a look for yourself!


Awesome New App! Move Over Snapseed!

If you know me, you know that I currently have over 200 photography related apps on my phone. I get new ones and play with them all the time. But I haven't been this excited about a new app in a couple of years. Enlighten by Lightricks has a beautifully easy to follow along interface with fantastic tutorials built in. It also has a number of things that I adore about 4 separate apps all built into the same one. Granted I've only spent the last half hour playing with it, but I know this is going to be my new go to for a while.

There are powerful editing tools so that you can make the image completely your own without anyone saying "Looks like that was done with Instagram." It also has the one thing I love about Snapped so much, quick and easy targeted editing. BUT! This has a masking feature which makes it even better. There are painting functions bringing in things I love about Repix along with the standard preset filters available in so many apps now. But with both of these you can make them what you want and mask. To be perfectly clear though, there are still some other apps that I will go to for the heavy duty use still if I need it. But I don't know how much that need will be there now. 

As I understand it the app may be going up in price after it's initial offering, so be sure to catch it now while you can at $3.99. Snapped is still free, which is amazing, and for most will be more than they want to do. It's us serious editors that will truly find the functionality in the all in one app too good to stay away from.

Get the app here

Great article on the app here

death to the desktop version of snapseed


I'm a big fan of Snapseed on my iPhone and I would say that I use it daily. So why am I upset that Google (who recently purchase Nik Software) is discontinuing this product when I have the iPhone option?

Well, there are two reasons for this. The first being that I have to admit that when I want to do some quick & fun edits to the images from my "big girl"cameras, Snapseed desktop has become my go to. Yes, I still use Lightroom and Photoshop for the other stuff. But some images just need that quick little tweak that takes it to where you want and if it can be fast and easy, why not?

My second reason is that I love, love, LOVE the other Nik Software plug-ins and I'm worried what Google will do with those over time. Will they ruin them? Will the discontinue them? I think that I'll have a minor cardiac incident if they discontinue Silver Efex Pro.

If you haven't had a chance to use any of the Nik products, you really should and can check them out HERE.

an oldie but a goodie

One of my favorites when I first got my iPhone (sadly I didn't get on the band wagon until the 4) was PictureShow. It's an app that does the lo-fi thing. It saved at full-res, which Hipstamatic didn't and I had more control over the images as well. So it became a go to for quite a while. It's since fallen to the back of the line as I keep finding new and fun apps. And quite frankly while I'll admit that it's a cool look, the lo-fi thing doesn't need to be done to every image. (Instagramers take head!) But when I hop back into it, I enjoy the looks that it offers as well as the flexibility to edit as well. And it's just plain fun sometimes to play with the shuffle feature. It's a fun one, try it out! It's $1.99 in the App Store HERE.


beauty in symmetry

This easy to use app makes incredible and artsy images that may be completely different than you started with. I tend to get away from photos occasionally and stray towards abstract art, so this really gets my creative juices flowing. This image is from the side of a some sort of submarine thingie. I was intrigued with lines and forms. After running the image through Percolator, I ran it through Symmetry. It came out looking so... feminine. I am just so entranced with it! 

The app can split the image vertically or horizontally or on multiple axises to create some really fun art. Pick it up in the App Store for $1.99 HERE.