sharing my love of iphone photography

IPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY  |  SLO Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo|  February 25, 2016

I'm excited to announce that I'm teaching at the SLO Museum of Art again! 

This class is designed for those who would like to expand their mobile photography knowledge. Step beyond just taking snapshots. In this hands-on course, you will learn what makes a strong photo and how to achieve that starting with shooting tips and building on it with easy editing skills. Make good photos into great photos quickly and all on one device. 

Topics to be covered include: 

Composition - Learn how to make a better photo
Organizing tips - Find your photos more easily
iPhone camera app - Learn the camera app that comes with your phone in detail
Shooting tips - Use your phone to your advantage to get the shot you want
Photo editing apps - Take a good photo to a great photo with some quick & easy editing
Gear - We'll get familiar with some items that are available and where to purchase them
Print it! - If there is time left we'll learn how to send postcards from your phone with your images