sharing my love of iphone photography


This site started as an exercise in taking more photos, you know, one of those 365 projects. Remembering to take at least one photo every day really makes you check out the world around you in a different way. But life gets in the way and admittedly some days it's more of a pain than any form of creativity. When I was using just a regular camera it was even more of a task. Take the photo, get to a computer, do a little editing and upload. Phew! Just getting the photo taken was an issue, let alone doing the rest. But then I got an iPhone......

All the photos in the beginning of this blog were either from an Canon S90 or my other Canon "big girl" cameras. I've since morphed this into a strictly iPhone project. I constantly want to see what I can do with my phone. What are the limitations? What are the advantages? And while there are serious limitations on the iPhone camera compared to the DSLRs, there are also some amazing and fun things you can do to your images with apps that you can't do on your DSLR. So this, my website, is my venture into pushing the limits and sharing the results.

As of the writing of this, I have slightly over 200 photography apps on my phone. While the rate at which I acquire these apps has slowed, I'm sure to keep getting them as new, better and more fun ones come out. (And no, I don't use them all.) And since I have so many and hardly use most of them, my plan is to revisit old ones and get to know them intimately and share my findings with you. I'll also give you notes on updates and my favorites. Keep checking in and see what's happening. 

Have a great year!